Our Coffee

Our blends
Espresso Arabica
Created to satisfy the most refined palate, this blend of Arabica coffee is distinguished by a floral buquet with hints of chocolate and Vanilla. The delicate aroma of this coffee is suitable for any time of day.
Espresso Bar
Created to satisfy the coffee shops' customers, this mixture has the excellence of fine Arabica coffee with the right amount of creaminess delivered from Robusta coffee.Creamy and balanced, this is perfect for traditional Espresso in Italy.
A balanced mix of Arabica and Robusta coffee designed to enhance a rich mixture's body and cream full of taste and pleasure.
Persistent on the palate with tones of dried fruit and chocolate.
The best African Robusta coffee for a refined and strong blend. Suitable for mass distribution and capable of being remembered for balance in taste and intense creaminess.
Espresso Decaffeinated
A mixture of fine coffee, naturally decaffeinated, which enables you not to forget the pleasure of a good Espresso.
Arabica and Robusta, expertly blended to meet several times a day the pleasure of the coffee.
Privat Label
We can realize and roast your own and exclusive blend. Just created for your market and your taste.
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Other Products
White Sugar
5.5g in 10 Kg Box
Brown Sugar
5.5g in 5 Kg Box
200 pieces box
Ginseng Sweet
Soluble powder Ginseng taste. Product of Malaysia.
500g bag.
Ginseng Bio
Soluble powder of ginseng made in Italy. No Ogm, no hydrogenated fats. 1kg bag.
Compatible Capsules
Capsules compatible Nespresso*
Barley powder
Barley powder Orzomondo quality. Soluble in 250g bag.
250g Ground Moka
Home user coffee. Grinded for moka.
Decaffeinated Coffee
Single serving decaffeinated coffee for espresso coffee machines.
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I golosi
Great taste of smooth vanilla
Ciocco Mint
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Pods & Capsules
Compatible Blue*
Compatible Blue*
Compatible Modo Mio*
Compatible Modo Mio*
Ese Pods
Compatible with Ese pods coffee machines
Compatible Espresso Point*
Compatible Espresso Point*
Compatible Nespresso*
Compatible Nespresso*
Privat Label
All format privat label capsules compatible
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