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Heart & Coffee

A Family history

Starting in 1985, we have been selecting only the best raw materials coming from a handful of the greatest coffee producing countries.

This enables us to offer only the top range of the world production to our clientele.

Safety is at the core of our values and we ensure the optimization of all our products, and all their processes, through the implementation of the ISO 9002 guidelines since 1999.

Espresso & Coffee

Italian Espresso

As many know, there are two great families of raw coffee: Robusta and Arabica.

Robusta Coffee comes from the African continent bringing a strong and creamy taste, whereas Arabica Coffee comes from Latin America and which its sought after for the agreeable and aromatic taste.

Our deep knowledge of all characteristics of both families enables us to create mixtures that are widely appreciated due to their depth in flavour.

This is proof of our wide experience in the coffee industry.

Passion & Coffee

Details do the difference

We are proud to inform our clientele that since 1999 we have been certified for the DIN EN ISO 9002: System of Quality Business. The wide employment of investments and developments are testimony of the importance that we place on the quality control of our products and the care that we place in all the phases of the production chain. It is our firm conviction and core objective to maintain all these values with the aim to guarantee maximum respect and ethics towards all the people that choose daily our products.